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Ganene Lynn Kolina (aka Ganene the Defender; born October 17th, 1987) is an artist from Staten Island, New York who does fanart from The Legendary Starfy series, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, and other video games. Had been in the furry fandom since around 2006 until early 2010 (Ganene can still draw furries, but her mother considers the furry fandom to be "not nice").

Her fursonas/personas are a Lucario, a white gryphon with black markings and a blue Defender Heartless (from Kingdom Hearts, currently a main form), a Chikorita (when she was playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time), a Mudkip, a Flood Unversed (from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep), and a eel (based on Ogura, the primary antagonist from the early, Japanese-only Legendary Starfy games: Densetsu no Stafy, Densetsu no Stafy 2, and Densetsu no Stafy 3; Ganene hopes Ogura's in the sixth Starfy game)

Ganene is a big fan of Ogura, as well as Luigi from Super Mario, Lucario, Jet the Hawk (from Sonic Riders), Johnny (from Sonic Rush Adventure) and Rival (from the underrated game called SkyGunner).

Ganene also suffers from high-functioning autism, but is social enough to buy stuff online and use a Second Life account.

Team Auspie and adult artwork[edit]

After Ganene joined Fur Affinity, she started posting some adult artwork of Ogura in anthro form and her mother is not pleased with that art.

As of June 2008, she joined Team Auspie (a controversial group of autistic furries/semi-furries), founded by Lochnessmonstor727 (aka Ness) and other members include PrincessWolfgirl, Raitachi (aka Kinarei) and GreggTheSilverFox (joined in summer 2009). By the time Ganene and Gregg are boyfriend and girlfriend in October 2008 (now Gregg and Ness are boyfriend and girlfriend), her mother and older sister forced her to break up with Gregg and also forced to delete her adult artwork in FurAffinity.

In late October 2009, while vacationing in Virginia, Ganene got herself in trouble for posting adult artwork in FurAffinity and images also involves the now-remaining Team Auspie members and then Ganene left the website, but one month later, Ganene's mother lets her make amends with Ness, Gregg and Raitachi (since Ganene was forced to block PrincessWolfgirl).

Second Life[edit]

Ganene is a member of Second Life under the name of Ganene Riggles. Joined in late January 2008, she had thoughts about making furry avatars. During her early months of Second Life, she also makes furry avatar accessories (mostly the frequently sold furry avatar skins and tails) and Pokemon character avatars (also frequently sold). Her most sold avatars are an anthro Umbreon avatar and an anthro Espeon avatar (both based on a Pokemon species).

Ganene owns many avatars, including an AnthroXtacy dragon avatar, a Kani-Bat avatar (an avatar that is a Kani avatar made by Uchi Desmoulins with tinted AnthroXtacy Dragon wings and bat ears and tail Ganene has made), Fnuff and Griffox (Gryphon/Fox hybrid) avatars (made by Toki Cure and Racush Cheeky, but the fox tail is made by Pound Lunt of Pound's Lil Av Shop (formerly Pound's Pharmacy)) and even two Lucario avatars, one she has made and one made by Fion Patton.

She owns a Second Life store called Ganene Riggles Shopping Complex and is currently open for furry avatar and furry avatar accessories (especially PG-rated furry skins and tails). She is also currently open for custom PG-rated furry skin commissions on Second Life.

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