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Ganarfs are a race of short, round, humanoid beings that resemble a horse or burro-headed anthropoid. They were created by furry artist Jerry Collins. Gorts and Ghouls (see below) are varieties of Ganarf.

Easy going and hobbit-like, the Ganarfs are masterful gardeners and tinkerer/mechanics. Inspired by Lord Dunsany's "Kith of the elf-folk", Bill Peet's "whumps", Walt Kelly's Pogo, and H.P. Lovecraft's ancient race of Ib from "The Doom that Came to Sarnath". The Ganarfs are the oldest and dearest characters in the Jerry Collins universe.

According to the author himself, the name "Ganarf" derives from a sound effect used by Fifties TV improv comic Ernie Kovacs.


Although Orc-like in appearance, Gorts are simply a larger variety of Ganarf (from old Gurtchite, Gortusis Ganarf, i.e. large folk). While rough-hewn, they are a tolerant and noble folk, patient but with a fierce warrior spirit and a disdain for pretensions. Gorts value honor and honesty, but enjoy good times and simple pleasures like their smaller relations.


Ghouls (not to be confused with H.P. Lovecraft's creatures of the same name) are a third variety of Ganarf. Smaller than Gorts and bigger than Ganarfs, the ghouls are less kindly than their smaller kinsmen the Ganarfs, and are somewhat taciturn and grimmer in nature than the Gorts. Ghouls are painfully practical, a tad aggressive, and suffer no foolishness from anyone, but have their soft side as do their countrymen. Amongst the Gorts, Ghouls and Ganarfs there is a strong solidarity: "Strike one down, and we ALL rise!" (an old Gortian proverb.)

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