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GameManiac (real name: Eduardo Carrillo,[1] born May 2, 1993)[2] is furry artist and writer from the United States.[2]

Fandom involvement[edit]

His artistic creations primarily consist of Pokémon fan art, but also writes Pokémon fanfiction. He originally used a Huion H610 Pro drawing tablet for his art,[3] but later upgraded to using a Surface Book.[4] He is the owner of a Rain Silves sex plush toy, which he purchased from BigSexyPlush for $890 USD.[5]


GameManiac became a privileged member of e621 in March 2015.[6] However, in December 2015 he was stripped of his rank for blanket tagging posts, resulting in many images being incorrectly tagged. The enacting admin, Parasprite, claimed that it "created months of extra tagging work in order to fix your mistakes".[7] In May 2016, he was temporarily blocked from e621 by Ratte for tagging abuse.[7] Ratte permanently blocked GameManiac in April 2017 after continued tagging abuse.[7]


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