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Gadget (also known as SouthChillReptile, NightscapeFox and Mofox) is a furry artist from Mandurah, Australia.

Gadget's artwork typically involves scenes relating to fatfurs, inflation and flatulophilia.


Gadget the Arcrep


Gadget's most used character and fursona is a blue "Arcrep" (a contraction of the words "Arctic" and "reptile"), a genetically modified fictional species that somewhat resembles a dragon; he wears a wristband and goggles, both of which contain computer technology.

Gadget has the ability of energy conversion, allowing him to absorb different forms of energy - most commonly electricity - and store it as fat for later use. This is used as an energy reserve, meaning that Gadget must always keep his weight up or risk running out of energy and collapsing.


Mofox (alternatively spelled as -moFOX-) is an alternate character used by Gadget, a brown and beige coloured fox who lives in cyberspace and is composed completely of computer data.


Taco is a "nukita" (a species that somewhat resembles a raccoon, initially created by DTRD) who appeared in a number of early drawings by Gadget.

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