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Author(s) Kkat

FyI is a webcomic by Kkat.

This webcomic may not be for everyone. Some people seem easily offended these days, and every once in a while the author interjects one of their other art pieces into the comic, pieces of artwork that are truly NSFW ("Not Safe For Work"), though you can't make them out fully when they're reduced and copied into the strip). Still, if there's one thing the author has learned from Bastard Operator from Hell, it's "Place your best foot forward, right into the face of anyone in your way!"


There are few statements that are intrinsically funny. "You get your morals from the Bible and the Bugs Bunny/Road Runner show" is certainly one of them. No matter what new cartoons come, nothing beats the simple amusement of a hapless coyote and the catastrophic failure of his umpteenth catapult. This is placed in conjunction with the Bible. If that wasn't enough to be amusing, the statement is completely serious, ironically increasing how funny it becomes. And that's not too bad of a moral system either.


As it centers around the author, FyI has no awkwardness addressing itself & other webcomic issues. It's nothing new, but Kkat has no trouble poking her pencil in the right place. A little well-used wit goes a long way.


A second strip to illustrate that. This one contains an artwork insert as mentioned earlier. Also, it's refreshing to see a furry comic say "Furries aren't real." Maybe this is because it contrasts with the "I'm really a wolf" people, or maybe it's that many furry comics just recast humans. Maybe the reason doesn't really matter.

The reader may notice that this is a cut & paste comic. Kkat does a brilliant job with it. In addition to the basic adjustments in facial features (and more! Friday's tail even changes position), the clothing changes, the size changes, even the shading don't match on two of the 'same' images. Even better, a given image may appear in multiple strips, but rarely twice in the same strip. FyI currently manages to update every single day. While most credit should go to the author's diligence and spare time, time-saving tricks can't be left out.

Since the comic is located in Kkat's VCL gallery, it would probably be wise to note another directory (the “Bondage” directory) contains adults-only material. The other directories contain several pieces of "tame" art.


It doesn't have fancy archives or even it's own webpage. It doesn't have a host of deep characters or dramatic story lines. It doesn't have backgrounds or even color. Yet it does provide a little spark and a smile. What more could you ask for?

(Content of this wiki article taken from Webcomic List) adapted by Ashen Fox--Ashenfox 03:00, 30 January 2006 (UTC)