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Fuzzyroo's fursuit head

Fuzzyroo (also known as Lucus V. Rocket, born April 18th, 1986) is a fursuiter and furry artist who lives in Lawrence, Kansas, USA.

The actual species of Fuzzyroo (his fursona) is a North American Carnivorous Kangaroo (N.A.C.K.). Fuzzyroo's first fursuit was a partial suit made by the fursuiter White Wolf. His second and current fursuit is a full suit by FirestormSix made in September 2012.[1]

Fuzzyroo is usually very lazy by nature, but is quite eccentric and outgoing. He has a laid back attitude and is always happy to meet other new and exciting people as well as furries. He is currently attending the University of Kansas as a beginning Computer Science major with a specialization of networking.

Mated Status and Orientation[edit]

Fuzzyroo is bisexual and mated to a human nonfur named Rick.[2] Although he has been mated for almost six years, Fuzzyroo is in a very open relationship.


Being fed up with the Internet's lack of real life pornography for furries, Fuzzyroo himself created a series of movies which he has placed on the internet. He started with several FTP sites (currently there is only one ftp left active and is the largest Fuzzyroo archive) and over time ended up making movies for an adult website called Xtube (a free porn YouTube variant).

Fuzzyroo's first pictures happened when he had turned 18 at the start of his college education. The first movie was at age 20 and he now has a series of more then 6 at age 22. He hopes that in time, he will get more materials and props to make very in depth movies for mature furry audiences. He has released two DVD collections, the most recent from January 12th, 2010.[3]


Fuzzyroo has attended Anthrocon 2006, Anthrocon 2007, and Anthrocon 2008.


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