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The Fuzzy Logic Escape Room is a furry-themed escape room (a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles) located in Downers Grove, Illinois, USA.[1] It was founded in 2017.

Besides its main location, it has hosted its escape rooms at several furry conventions, including IndyFurCon 2017 and Furry Migration 2017.

This escape room features three different themed escape rooms to challenge the mind and wits of participants. They are:[2]

  • Vet's Office (Easy Difficulty): A veterinarian office has a rumor that all its patients are not leaving. Save the animals and escape safely from the veterinarian.
  • Casino (Medium Difficulty): Recover your special good luck token that had been confiscated from the casino's management in an hour.
  • Time Pirates (Hard Difficulty): Go back in time and amass as much treasure as possible while still having enough fuel to get back.


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