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Fuzzy Logic
Host(s) Istanbul, Halfwit Genius, Kyo Foxtrot, Smokescale
Website http://www.fuzzylogicpodcast.com/
RSS http://www.fuzzylogicpodcast.com/?feed=rss2
Launch date February 2011
End Date 2013
Genre Advice - Relationships - Talk

Fuzzy Logic is a furry-themed advice podcast based in Dallas, Texas, USA. It is recorded every other Wednesday night, and is usually posted within the next 24 hours.

Cast members[edit]

Former cast members[edit]


Fuzzy Logic is primarily designed as an advice podcast, with listeners being invited to write in to the show about any topic with which they need help. A topic is usually given at the end of each show for the following week, to provide listeners with inspiration. Episodes are recorded every other Wednesday night, with the stated deadline for any e-mails to be printed set as 6:00p CST on Wednesday evening. The podcast is currently downloadable from the Fuzzy Logic website, as well as being downloadable on iTunes and through the Furry News Network.

Comparisons have been made to KnotCast, in that both are furry-themed advice podcasts with quite a bit of banter and humor. That said, Fuzzy Logic takes a more serious tone with the e-mails received by the show and is explicitly stated as existing for the express purpose of offering advice and assistance. Additionally, while the former is based around sex, the latter engages a wide array of topics in all aspects of life. Fuzzy Logic also has shorter episodes, averaging about one hour to an hour and a half long.

The usual format for Fuzzy Logic is to start with a short clip of music donated by Bucktown Tiger, followed by any introduction written for that show. The cast members introduce themselves and discuss topics of interest before reading e-mails in sequence. At the end of the show, contact information for the show is given as well as the following week's topic, and listeners are invited to send in e-mails about that topic for the next program. This is not exclusive, however, as users are encouraged to write to the show to ask for help with any topic with which they need assistance.


  • The first episode of Fuzzy Logic was recorded in January of 2011 and uploaded to the website on February 6, but the podcast went on a month-and-a-half hiatus when the apartment shared by Istanbul and Halfwit Genius caught fire on February 8.
  • While Smokescale was not formally added to the podcast until December 31, 2011, he was a living sound-board for many episodes beforehand, due to his skill with imitations.


  • Boom-boom - It is customary for one of the cast members to use the restroom in the middle of the podcast. This is likely due to the tendency to record in the mid-to-late evening after dinner has been eaten by all involved.
  • Word of the Week - With only an occasional omission, Fuzzy Logic does a Word of the Week, wherein one cast member chooses an uncommon word and defines it on-the-air. Typically, these words reflect the personality of the cast member who chooses them.

(Halfwit Genius and Smokescale tend toward the more educational, Istanbul tends towards the more horrifyingly educational (leading to Istanbul's Words That Sound Dirty But Aren't), and Kyo Foxtrot just does whatever he feels like doing.)

  • This Podcast Needs Facial Expressions - Most often spoken by Halfwit, used to lament the fact that listeners cannot see the cast members' faces. Usually spoken when Kyo Foxtrot is writhing in horror at something awful that has recently been said, most often by Istanbul.
  • Sassy Kyo Moment - A phrase generally sent in by listeners with the intent that Kyo say it aloud in his 'sassy black woman' voice. Occasionally annexed by Istanbul whenever Kyo has trouble, leading to an unintended Sassy Isty Moment.
  • Kyo's Vagina - On occasion, Mitch Kenzo will be available to substitute in for a missing cast member. He has taken on the role of Kyo's vagina (vagrundle, vagrizzly, what-have-you according to Istanbul) and is often referred to accordingly.
  • Project Pussyfish - A compilation of excerpts of Kyo saying horrible and/or bizarre things that Istanbul continues to threaten to compile. When Kyo says something particularly incomprehensible and/or vile, Halfwit Genius will often say it is another quote for Project Pussyfish.


Fuzzy Logic won the Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Magazine of 2013.

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