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Fuzzy (Steven) (born 1985) is a male living in a home owned by a friend in Gardena, California. He is also known as Cresil Violet by the Second Life furry community due to having ran and produced content for Yiff This!

Furry origins[edit]

Samurai Wolf by Clarence T. Hare.

Fuzzy became involved in furry through a discovered heavy interest in a cartoon character from Digimon: Flamedramon. He joined a large Yahoo! group of other like-minded Flamedramon lovers & began to befriend other furries he met there. Originally Samurai Wolf (2000-02), Fuzzy chose a wolf as his fursona species on a whim.

doodles of fuzzy by Nicole

He later changed his fursona appearance to a casual Grey Wolf due to such drawings he began to receive from Nicole; A girl he was dating in high school. He also changed his fursona name to Fuzzy when Nicole gave him that name as a campus-nickname due to a fluffy sweater he wore sometimes. "My non furry friends still call me by it sometimes... :-S"

Newer fursona descriptions included red/black hair, necklaces and mainly an industrial outfit or labcoat to match his RL job.

Fandom activity[edit]

Fuzzy chibi by Isil
  • "After 10 years I no longer desire to attend furry conventions, my involvement in the fandom is receding, intentionally. I may go to smaller furry gathers with close friends now and then though."
  • Posts photos and music of varying genres on his Fur Affinity account, sometimes co-produced with his friend Joe (was never a member of the furry community).
  • No longer produces adult Second Life videos for his website Yiff This!

Current & hobbies[edit]

Fuzzy maintains some level of freelance business interest / activity with a couple friends, works at a microbiology lab full-time, and is in college at Long Beach City College for a degree in diagnostic medical imaging technology, together with his previously mentioned friend Joe. Enjoys travel, hiking, playing guitar and piano, movies and PC gaming. Fuzzy is no longer active on Second Life, his most active screen names were Fuzzy Toxx and Cresil Violet.

Fuzzy attending FurBQ'09

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