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FuzzyTic by Eskart

FuzzyTic, or Fuzzy Namir, is a furry fan from the southwest United Kingdom.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Fuzzy has been involved with the furry fandom since around 2005. He had a liking for anthro cartoons and artwork, and stumbled upon an forum post talking about the FurNet IRC Network. Having been an avid IRC user since an early age, Fuzzy decided to connect up and talk with others that shared similar interests.

He chats regularly in the #softpaws and #southukfurs channels.


Fuzzy is credited with founding the TeenageFurs IRC channel but has not had any involvement since around 2009, not long before he took a long break from the fandom for personal reasons.


Fuzzy's fursona is a male bipedal house cat, of average build, standing about 6' tall. He occasionally uses a feral form for role play, mostly on IRC.

Regardless of form, his basic features remain the same: green eyes and predominantly black fur with white belly and facial hair. He is always pictured wearing a red collar.

Local meets[edit]

Fuzzy used to attend local meets in the Bristol area, but these have since stopped. Now he meets sporadically with other furs.


Fuzzy's interests are varied, and under normal circumstances involve urban exploration, walking, and photography. As of January, 2015, he spends most of his free time reading, socialising on IRC, gaming, and occasionally creating webpages.

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