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Fusion Wolf, or Fuse (born August 24),[1] previously known as Lonewolf277 or LoneWolf, is a fursuiter who lives in Truro, Massachusetts, USA,[2] just outside of Provincetown. He lives with his non-fur partner, Glenn, and his German shepherd, Mako.

Professionally, Fuse is an EMT, working in the Lower Cape area, whilst his partner is a local police officer. Coming from backgrounds in public service, Fuse is unbashfully Pro-Leo.[clarify]

Fandom activities[edit]


Fuse's fursona is a black and white wolf.[3]


The first time Fuse put on a fursuit was in the winter of 2010, in Orlando, Florida. Shortly after, he commissioned suit builder Eris Valgen, from FurItUp, to make his character come to life.

Having acquired his fursuit in the summer of 2013, Fuse quickly became addicted, suiting up to four times a week. In his first year of suiting, Fuse raised well over $3000 participating in events for local charities, including the Cape and Islands K9 Relief Fund and CASAS (a local no-kill shelter).

Other activities[edit]

Outside of fursuiting, Fuse, along with Nexus Folf, runs the Massachusetts Furbowl, hosted monthly in Yarmouth, Massachusetts.


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