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Furway logo
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Location Tangen, Norway
Status Ongoing
First iteration July 8-10, 2016
Organizer(s) Furway Organizing Committee Team
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Furway resources

Furway (or FurwayCon) is a furry camping convention in Tangen, Norway, which first took place in 2016. It is organized by Atrox [1].

Three meals a day are provided, as is accommodation for those with a ticket to sleep inside; but attendees need to bring their own pillows, bedding or sleeping bags, and sheets.

  • Furway 2016 took place 8-10 July.[1] The thirty initial slots (each for 500 NOK) went in less than six hours.[2][3] Some tents were provided by the convention, and others brought their own. There were at least 41 attendees, including nine fursuiters.[4]
  • Furway 2017 took place 7-9 July, at the same location as 2016.[5] There were at least 56 attendees, including 23 fursuiters.[6] Inside slots filled in thirty minutes. A branded sweater was available as well as T-shirts.
  • Furway 2018 took place 22-24 June,[7] in a new location; Olsby, Kongspartvegen 739, 2337 Tangen - a former biodynamic farm a kilometer from Lake Mjøsa.[8] Events included a "bad taste party", board games, fursuit games, a game show, Mario Kart tourmanent and a "furry pastas" competition.[9] There were at least 58 attendees, including 24 fursuiters.[10] Standard fees had risen to 800 NOK for a space inside or 700 NOK outside.[11]
  • Furway 2019 is scheduled for 14-16 June. The fifty inside slots filled in three minutes; there is also room for thirty bringing tents or sleeping in cars outside, as well as day-tickets.[12]

Late departure and early arrival options have been available from 2017 onwards. The convention mascot (seen in plush form in the group photos) is called CapriWolf.[13]


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