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FurWanted is a (mostly) Western themed furry convention. Held in Pullman City, a wild west historical reconstruction in Eging am See, Bavaria, Germany, the event sees furries and experienced fursuiters meet people in authentic wild west outfits.

The leader of the FurWanted is Darcus.



The first precursor to FurWanted was a meeting in Pullman City in 2010, with only two attendees.


In June 2011,[1] another meeting was held, with six attendees (none of them fursuiters).


Darcus organized a further furry meeting in July, 2012.[1]There were 10 attendees, including the event's first fursuiter.


In 2014, Darcus and his girlfriend Shade (as second organizer) gave the convention the official name "FurWanted", and created a website for it.

FurWanted I was held over July 12-14, 2014,[1] and had 30 registered attendees, with a lot of fursuiters.


FurWanted II was held over July 10-13, 2014.[1] There were 45 attendees, with many fursuiters among them.


FurWanted 3 took place over July 8-12, 2015.[2] The convention theme was "Pirates of the Caribbean",[3] and the Guest of Honour was TheKarelia.[4]


FurWanted IV is scheduled for July 13-17, 2016,[5] in Pullman City. The theme will be "Music Country Festival".[5]


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