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Furvilla is a browser-based online pet game featuring furry villagers, similar to Neopets and Flight Rising. It was sold off to the new owners, Quinn and Aspen, on the twenty-second of October 2018.


Painties are custom designs that players can use to personalize their villagers. Painties are made by editing a preexisting Furvilla villager base with external editing software, and can range from a simple recolor to modification of the lineart. Uploading a paintie costs 250 FurDollars, approximately $2.50 USD.[1]


On Furvilla, there are many careers you can choose for your villagers.

  • Explorer - 0 Stars

You’ll explore the area around your village looking for raw materials for other classes to use. You can sell them to other villagers.

  • Doctor - 3 Stars

Sometimes furries get sick! Your expertise will help them get better and help them keep up productivity in their careers.

  • Animal Husbandry - 1 Stars

You will domesticate small or medium sized wild animals. You can then breed them and sell them as pets.

  • Warrior - 1 Stars

You’ll be able to protect the village borders from large, dangerous wild animals, ensuring the productivity of other classes. You can sell off what you can salvage from carcasses

  • Construction Worker - 2 Stars

You’ll use wood to build additional residences for furries. Other furries can’t expand their families without your help.

  • Crafter - 2 Stars

You will take the raw materials that explorers find and craft them into useable materials, like fabrics and jewelry.

  • Tailor - 3 Stars

You’ll be able to take the items that crafters make and create certain types of costumes for other villagers to wear.

  • Blacksmith - 3 Stars

Using raw materials, you’ll be able to create weapons and armor for warriors to protect them in their battles.

  • Herbalist - 2 Stars

Using the seeds collected by explorers, you can grow and experiment with potent plants used by doctors and alchemists.

  • Alchemist - 3 Stars

With special botanist-grown plants, you’ll be able to create potions that can change a villager’s species and other attributes.

  • Cook - 3 Stars

Cooking can be fun whether you’re an expert or a novice. Show off your skills to your friends and family and send them home with a full belly and a smile on their face!


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