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There is a similarly named fanzine, Furthest North Crew.
Furthest North
Status Concluded?
First iteration 2001 (as West Canadian Furry Campout)
Final iteration February 2014?
Organizer(s) Boar-Ral
Subject Furry Camping
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Furthest North resources
Camping picture

Furthest North is a twice-annual furry camping trip and convention that was founded in 2001 by Boar-Ral and has since been held in Alberta, Canada. It was originally called the West Canadian Furry Campout, and was changed to Furthest North after it was discussed that "FURther North" was already in use.

Furthest North Winter usually takes place during the Alberta Family Day long weekend in February, while Furthest North Summer occurs during the August Civic Holiday long weekend.

Convention dates[edit]

  • Furthest North Winter 2014 was held from Friday, February 14, until Monday, February 17, in Jasper, Alberta. Events included a "Gay Olympics, a tongue-in-cheek snub at Russia's anti-gay propaganda legislation" and day trips for the Maligne Canyon ice walk and skiing at Marmot Basin".[1]

By the end of August, 2014 (a year after Furthest North Summer 2013), the Furthest North website had not been updated, suggesting the event was no longer taking place.[2]


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