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Author(s) Founders: Orzeł, Lenka, Koyot
Status Online
Launch date March 8, 2022
Genre Furry community
mostly SFW

Furteca is a furry community located in Poland.


Officially established on March 8, 2022, the community is hosted on a Discord server with the same name,[1] eventually branching out to include a website, a Telegram announcement group, and a YouTube channel, among others.[2]

The idea to create Furteca was first discussed on a Discord server originally belonging to the Polfurs furry community[3], and was named after it. By establishing a new group, the administrators wanted to separate themselves from Polfurs. Officially, the name of the server has been changed to Furteca on 8 March 2022, and, at the same time, other media associated with it have been revealed.


  • Administrators: Orzeł, Lenka.[4]
  • Moderators: Phoenix Martius, Carrie Nox.
  • Guardians: Menos, Larsistrasza, Reyn.

Sites and social media[edit]

Aside from the Discord server, Furteca offers the sites (together with the social media) listed below (Polish only, except for the profile on Fur Affinity, which also contains texts written in English):

  • Official website – it includes, among others, articles regarding news about Furteca itself and events in the Polish furry fandom, as well as a gallery consisting in the works of furry artists. The website is managed by Lenka, and has been designed by Ergiet. The gallery has been designed by Kuc, who has also supported the staff in technical issues concerning web design.
  • YouTube – it includes reports from events concerning the fandom, podcasts, and other materials regarding the furry community.
  • Telegram – it includes announcements regarding the group.
  • Fur Affinity.
  • Twitter.
  • Instagram.


Furteca's mascot is a 27-years-old anthro-wolfess named Pieszczocha, which is based on the Polish word pieszczoch, which comes to mean:

Someone who likes arousals, ingratiating[5]; an individual who attempts to influence another person by becoming more likeable to their target.[6]

She is a vocalist and drummer in the fictional band Furteca. Her main hobby is meeting and befriending new people, and as a mascot, she symbolizes individualism, expressing oneself in a creative way, and friendship.[7]


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