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Furtastic (edit)
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Furtastic staff
Furtastic guests of honor


The venue chosen for the Furtastic convention 2013, is a scout hut outside Aalborg, in the north of Denmark. The hut provides accommodation for up to 60 attendees, and is surrounded by lush green forests and grassy fields, that offered the opportunity for outdoor social activities like darts and football, or just relaxation in the shade of a tree. A bar tent will also available.[1][2]


Five day program:[3]

  • The bar is open from Thursday to Sunday, almost every evening(food can also be found at the bar).


  • Arrival day (convention prestart[1])
  • Board games and card games
  • Furry comics and books (main hall)


  • Fursuit outing(Friday morning and mid-day)[4]
Trip into Aalborg (outdoor)
Aalborg’s great mall (indoor)
  • The evil Mole’s (hidden object game)
  • Board games and card games


  • Magic the gathering
  • I have never(drinking game)
  • BBQ (outdoor)
  • Group photo
  • Night to early morning party


  • Morning breakfast(with bacon)
  • Morning Movie
  • Board games and card games


  • Packing up and leaving


2013 Staff list is unknown as of May 2013.


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