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Not to be confused with Furtastic, a furry convention held in Denmark.
Author(s) Palpatine
Status Active
Launch date Open alpha: 1 Aug, 2023.[1]
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Furtastic is a community art gallery catering to the furry fandom created by Palpatine. It entered public alpha on 1 August, 2023.[1]

The site mascot is a panda named Kokumi-kun.[2]


Unlike some competitors, Furtastic isn't running a 20-year-old software stack,[1] allowing the easier implementation of features. Some notable features include:

  • The ability to upload file types such as 3D models and HTML5 games as well as audio, documents and images.
  • Importing your existing artwork from Fur Affinity to your gallery.
  • Artist escrow services, allowing artists and buyers to commission with minimal risk.
  • Advanced search filtering and community-driven image tagging, including a blacklist to filter unwanted content.



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