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Fursuitsex.com is a for-pay gay pornographic website owned by Python International, run by Burmese Python. It advertises itself as "The only hardcore male animal fur suit sex web site."

Fursuitsex.com has been known to film videos in convention hotel rooms and was mentioned in an issue "Maxim" magazine. In addition to the pay-to-view website, Yiffing.com exists primarily to sell DVDs of the same movies. Since 2007, all new releases are shot on HD cameras, as opposed to the standard Mini-DV cameras used before that time. Burmese Python is the videographer for most of the material.

On a few occasions, shoots have been done with suits belonging to the actors, rather than relying on the 'off the rack suits' owned by the production company.

Fursuitsex.com also has a sister website, fursuitsex.net, with the same concept but featuring heterosexual fursuit sex in its place.

As of the middle of 2010, Join Now results in a"404 Not Found" error and Yiffing.com is a placeholder webpage saying "We will be back online in July, 2010".

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