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A fursuit database is a comprehensive database of fursuit details, such as the fursuits themselves and the owners of said fursuits. Often, it is searchable in multiple ways, with various methods of browsing the fursuit listings.

The first known database was called Rate My Fursuit, which allowed users to rate each fursuit listed. It failed due to disagreements among the members, and then finally by an attack by Something Awful.

Other databases include:

  • The Fursuit Database a comprehensive interactive database with nearly unlimited search functions including search links within all data fields. Version 1 opened in January 2005, with version 2 now active as of September 9, 2006.
  • fursuiter.org, which ran for most of 2006 before being shut down in January 2007
  • FurTrack an active interactive database with extensive tagging and searching capabilities hosting pictures and multimedia of various fursuiters and events.

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