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This article is about the wiki on fursuit.org. WikiFur also hosts a Fursuit Wiki.

FursuitWiki was a collection of interesting emails for the development of a F.A.Q. on Fursuiting performance and construction, presented in the form of a once-editable wiki. The emails were previously to be found on the mailing list of fursuit.org. It is now preserved as a static archive (with what was information on resources, fursuit commissions and builder ratings removed).

  • Website: faq.fursuit.org (archived copy was www.fursuit.org)
  • Ran from/to: 2006? - 2010 (mothballed)
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Fursuiting topics
Construction and components
Duct tape dummy · Head · Horn · Ear · Whiskers · Paw · Leg · Tail · SPH · Fur
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Websites and databases