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FursonaCon is a furry convention in Hampton, Virginia, USA.

A footer on the FursonaCon website states "FursonaCon ™, is owned and operated by FursonaCon, Inc. an ESSI Company. FursonaCon ™, its mascots, and art are trade marks of Event Support Solutions, Inc.(ESSI) and used by FursonaCon, Inc. under license."[1]


The first instance of the convention was scheduled to take place September 16-18, 2016, at the Holiday Inn Virginia Beach/Norfolk.[citation needed] The website later stated "We have partnered with one of our affiliate conventions, ROFCon, which is a sci-fi/fantasy convention! What this means is, our new dates are much sooner, March 18th - 20th and our new venue will be much bigger, the Hampton Roads Convention Center and Embassy Suites"[2]

FursonaCon's first-year charity was Second Chance Wildlife.[3]


The second instance of this convenion is scheduled to take place over October 12-15, 2017, at the Holiday Inn Virginia Beach/Norfolk.[4]


As of May 2015, the staff of FursonaCon includes:[5]

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