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Location Hungary
Status Discontinued
First iteration 2015
Final iteration 2020
Organizer(s) F Terminal
Subject Furry
Fursang (edit)
Fursang 1 (2015)
Fursang 2 (2016)
Fursang 3 (2017)
Fursang 4 (2018)
Fursang 5 (2019)
Fursang 6 (2020)
Fursang 7 (2021)

Fursang staff
Fursang guests of honor

As of 2024 Fursang is no longer being held, the organisers shifted their focus to their other Hungarian event called Örli Försztivál instead.

Fursang is a Hungarian furry convention held every year in late January or early February in Budapest. It was started in 2015 as a fursuit walk event but grew larger every year with more programs and opportunities for attendees. Up to 2019 Fursang was a fursuit outing event in Budapest, but in 2020 Fursang was organized as a furry convention, making it the first one in Hungary.

Although the event is mainly visited by Hungarians, foreign attendees are welcomed as both the website and the live events are translated in English language as well.

The name "Fursang" is a pun with the Hungarian word for carnival (which is "Farsang" in Hungarian).


The convention on-site features the Furdance Budapest, various shows including a game show, a raffle, and a treasure hunt event. At external sites there is the fursuit walk parade and as a closing of the convention the sauna and bathing programs, all this close to the hotel in the city of Budapest.

Art and merchandise[edit]

Since Fursang 6, the main hall gives home to the artist gallery where attendees can look around at various artist's paintings and drawings. There is also the dealer's den section where attendees can buy merchandise from artists and fursuit makers or even commission them on site.


Since the first Fursang the main event was always the fursuit walk parade in various places of Budapest. In the past attendees used to gather at the start point of the Walk, but since Fursang 5 con-attendees are transported with bus rides from the Hotel to the gathering point. Since the Parade is free to attend anyone can join without registering on the website. The Parade usually takes around 2-3 hours and ends in a famous location where Fursuiters can take a group picture together. There are also other fursuiting opportunities inside of the Hotel's lobby and it's conference room, featuring a headless lounge where fursuiters can take off their fursuits to have them dry, while they can have a drink or a snack from one of the tables.


The introduction of Furdance Budapest to Fursang was first at Fursang 5, this grew to two Furdances at Fursang 6. Furdance Budapest is a standalone Hungarian Furry Event that is also featured at Fursang every year.

Treasure Hunt and Sponsor Events[edit]

Treasure hunt and sponsor events was first introduced at Fursang 6. Attendees who bought a super-sponsor ticket got access to a special folder with information on how to solve the case that was given to them. There was also the treasure hunt where attendees had to hunt down QR codes only by following clues placed around the hotel. The Treasure Hunt and the sponsor event was rumored to return at Fursang 7.

Game Show[edit]

The Game show was first introduced at Fursang 6. Fursuiters had to team up to win against each other in games such as ball throwing, running around and other theme orientated activities.


Since Fursang 6, con-goers have the opportunity to register for a show of their own. This can consist of convention introductions, artists talking about their works, etc.


Fursang was held as fursuit outing event from Fursang 1 to 5 on the streets of Budapest. Since Fursang 6 it became a furry convention at Bara Hotel in Budapest, Hungary.

Fursang 7 was initially planned for February 5-8, 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the date was pushed back twice, to February 10-14, 2022[1] and then January 19-23, 2023.[2] The con was subsequently canceled again, citing inability to guarantee the safety and quality of the event.[3]


Fursang 6 was the first convention to have a specific theme. The theme is represented by various arts and signs placed around the convention. In addition the Treasure Hunt and Game show events are based around the theme while some of the staff members may also dress up in according costumes.

  • Fursang 6 (2020): "On the Rails"
  • Fursang 7 (cancelled): Spies and secret agents (an official name was never given)


The event is organised by F Terminal.


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