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This article is about the online community. See Furpile for the term.
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Furrypile is a furry online community, both for teens and adults. Featuring forums, live chat, an image uploader, and numerous other features.
  • Address: http://Furrypile.co.uk
  • Founders: Dopy and Syntex
  • Founded: June 2010
  • Members: 3,366 (as of 8/20/2011)

Contents, sections and features[edit]

Furrypile.co.uk is a forum based around the furry fandom, it allows people to talk to other people that share the same interests as them. Role-playing, be it adult or not is greatly encouraged on the Furrypile forums. Art is also very welcome with sections dedicated to Furrypile's artists.


  • Announcements: Announcements regarding the forum go here.
  • Forum suggestions: Got a suggestion to make our forum better? Make a thread about it here.

General discussion[edit]

  • Introductions: New to the forum? How about you let us know who you are so we can get to know you!
  • Coming and going: Are you leaving us for a while? Or for good? Make a thread about it here.
  • General discussion: Talk about anything here.
  • Serious chat: Want a place to chat about more touchy and serious stuff? Post your thread in here.
  • News: Things that made the news? Post 'em here.
  • Shenanigans: This is where forum games and general questions go.
  • Youtube videos: Found a cool/cute/funny/epic/dramatic/... youtube video that you want to share? Post it here.
  • Gaming: Discuss anything video-game related here.
  • Music: Discuss anything about music here, post your tunes.
  • Movies and TV shows: Discuss anything about movies, TV shows and cartoons here!

Art discussion[edit]

  • Commissions: Are you taking commissions? Post it here.
  • Trades: Want to have an art trade? Post it here.
  • Requests: Want to do some requests, or do you have a request? Post it here.
  • Drawings: Discuss anything about drawings here, post your artwork.
  • Stories: Discuss anything about stories here, post your stories.
  • Other art forms: Discuss any art form that doesn't fit in other forums, post them here.


  • Non adult roleplaying: Non adult roleplays go here.
  • Adult roleplaying: Adult roleplays go here.
  • Roleplaying ooc: All out of character stuff goes in here.
  • Brainstorming: Come up with epic ideas for RP's here.

Hardware and software[edit]

  • Hardware: Discuss anything hardware related here.
  • Software: Discuss anything software related here.

Donators forum[edit]

  • Donator chat: A special place for donator chatter of all sorts
  • -secret-: Find out by visiting Furrypile.


We have our very own chatbox, it is located on top of the index page and will be available to see and use once you are registered/logged in.


We have our very own uploader, do you want to share an image but are unable to upload it to any site as it's against their TOS, upload it on our uploader, we allow yiff, cub and the like, no illegal things.

Administration and management[edit]

All new posts are moderated by the Furrypile staff and further posts are usually monitored to avoid flaming, unneccesary comments, and posting of illegal links. The moderation staff also help users with any questions or problems they may have, and keep the site running smoothly by making sure that user's posts are in the right section.


Syntex, Tailson, Dopy (Founder)

Super moderators[2][edit]

BONK, Khatsworth, RainStorm


Araii, Caitiemew, Ruwrak, Tuddy




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