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Subject Furry
Server furrymuck.com, port 8888 or port 8899 for SSL (TLS) → IPv4: or IPv6: [2600:3c01::f03c:91ff:fe96:8fad]:8888
Operator(s) Furry Enterprises
Status Ongoing
Ran from/to August 1990 - present

FurryMUCK is the oldest anthropomorphic MUCK, and the second largest by usage (behind Tapestries). It is popular among the furry community, although also used by others. It is owned and operated by Furry Enterprises, a collective organization of the wizards and admins.


Main article: History of FurryMUCK
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In general, most public areas of FurryMUCK are officially PG-13, although conversation has a habit of straying into more mature topics. In practice, the PG-13 rule is only used against targeted people rather than being enforced fairly. Most people on the MUCK (not including those who regularly use The West Corner of the Park) are tired of the PG-13 rule. However, areas specified for the purpose, like the Libertyville Nude Beach or Industrial Sabotage, may have a higher rating. See Category:FurryMUCK locations.

Regular events[edit]


FurryMUCK offers two types of programming:

  • MPI, a Lisp inspired text-replacement language used by most regular players for simple scripts
  • MUF, typically used for more complex operations and to implement system actions - apprentice access typically granted on request


  • Drew - @age registration / Player Relations
  • Frang - Player Relations
  • K'has - Player Relations
  • Lisa_Lynx - Player Relations
  • Lynx - Server Problems and Restarts
  • Nightwind - MUF/MPI / Helpstaff / Idle Purges / @age assistant
  • Shaterri - Player Relations
  • Tugrik - Site Administration / Builder Wizard / Quota
A meeting of most of the FurryMUCK wizards at FURther CONfusion 2016 in San Jose, CA.

Revar is not a wizard, but is responsible for many of FurryMUCK's scripts and helps Tugrik with administration.

Previous wizards[edit]

Players who are no longer wizards for one reason or another include:


FurryMUCK has historically also had a Mayor, typically elected, although the mayoralty has been known to pass hands for as much as $1.37, and little as the wag of a tail.[1] It was an official part of the process that new mayors were selected in a different way each time. The first mayor was selected by a relatively fair election, so all others thereafter were selected by varying other methods, all deliberately corrupt in some way. Bribery, nepotism, theocracy, and vote-buying were all used.

The joke is that despite the good–natured (and otherwise) hullabaloo over the selection process, the post is almost entirely symbolic. The only responsibility of the Mayor being to change the name of the currency. One day you may be strolling through the park and see "You found a reason to taunt a fox!" and the next you might see "You have 234 catnip mice." Toast explained "A good mayor changes the currency frequently, no less than every other day, RL permitting."[2]

Past Mayors and how they lost their title include:

  • Triggur (mid-1994 to February 1995) - position bought out in a shady deal with Tugrik
  • AJWolf (February 1995 to January 1996) - sold for loose change at ConFurence 7
  • Frang (January 1996 - October 1997?) - lost in a corrupt election where the votes could be bought
  • Toast (October 1997 - August 1998) - delivered to a god by material sacrifice
  • Inari (August 1998 - October 1999) - lost a contentious election
  • Mwerevu - (October 1999 - July 2000) - voluntarily stepped down
  • Rose de Stitches - (July 2000 - August 2000?) - dethroned after protests, the wizards got annoyed and declared the Mayoralty suspended

While players have asked for the Mayorship contest to return, so far the wizards have not re-approved the event.

Server and upkeep[edit]

FurryMUCK currently runs on a virtual Xen instance hosted at Linode.com's facility in Fremont, California. It's a "2048 instance", which means it has 2G RAM, four virtual processors and 64GB drive space. The current wizard and site-admin Tugrik administrates the Linode with Revar's assistance.

FurryMUCK currently supports IPv6 at its address ipv6.furrymuck.com.

Server status and donation information can be found on   FM_Status. Monthly co-location fees are paid for by wizard and player donations. Tugrik and Revar pay for the rest when donations don't cover the fees in full.

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  1. FurryMUCK Elections - Jahangiri's History of FurryMUCK (archived)
  2. http://www.panix.com/~jpeterso/mayor/

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