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Furry Within
Author(s) Founder: Azhtek
Administrator: Thalassa
Admin Assistants: Aidan, Talija
Moderators: Alice Stallion, Felicia Wolverinni, Zerrif
Technical Staff: Taryn Crimson
Launch date 12 October 2007 - 30 October 2009,
11 September 2010
Genre Forum
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Furry-Within is a developing adult furry community, featuring forums, a chat system, user galleries, competitions, and a page of links to other furry websites and artists. It was closed on October 30, 2009. Site re-opened to the public under old management on September 11, 2010.


Furry-Within.com was created in late 2007 by Azhtek Je-Nckos with the original intention of being a simple place for him to "screw around with code," and "see how long it takes for me (Azhtek) to break it." It soon evolved from that stage in a matter of weeks, as users soon began to trickle in, and Furry Within became something more of a community.

After its initial stage as a testing ground, it soon became a place where user input had a quite significant impact upon the direction which the site was to be taken. It was a community where users didn't have to be of furry nature, and could relax in the freedom that some sites restricted.

Sometimes jokingly described as a "dynamic website" by its creator, modifications, changes and updates are made nearly on a daily basis. These range from minor tweaks in the forum's settings to new sections of the website. Below is a list of Furry-Within.com's significant updates.

Furry-Within.com's Timeline of Changes

  • Website Created
  • x7 Chat added (No longer in use)
  • Flash Chat added (No longer in use)
  • Gallery added
  • Arcade added (No longer in use)
  • Oekaki added (No longer in use)
  • Movies & TV Links section (No longer in use)
  • Radio added (Temporarily inactive)
  • Links section added (No longer in use)
  • AJAX Chat added
  • Oekaki reinstated
  • Radio restarted
  • Blogging System added
  • Profile Mod Added

Furry-Within.com currently runs on Simple Machines Forum software, with most of it's current add-ons being fully integrated into the forum.

The present[edit]

On May 6th 2009, Azhtek, the site's founder, owner and head administrator, announced that he would be stepping down from charge and offered the site's ownership up to anyone who felt up to the challenge of running what had become a fairly bustling and busy place. After the usual panicking and predictions of doom that occur in these situations, Thalassa, Azhtek's co-administrator, stepped forward and announced that she would take the reins.

During the switch, Thalassa recruited two experienced former admins - LadyDarkSphynx (AKA - Aidan or Ikari) and Talija - both of whom were longtime friends and had worked for some time on Yiffy.net prior to its death. The idea was that both Talija and Ikari would act as assistants rather than full-admins, and would share some of the workload and provide experience and advice whilst Thalassa got to grips with becoming head admin and taking on the full running of the site. The two new admin assistants would also only be there temporarily, lasting only until permanent replacements could be found to maintain the triumvirate style of admnistration.


Furry-Within.com currently has over 800 members, more than 65 of whom joined when another furry community, Furgasmic, closed down. As the site is adult in nature, there is a strict "No Minors" rule in place, which the admin and moderators enforce with age checks where deemed necessary.


Furry-Within.com began the running of competitions in February of 2008, with the intention of drawing more users to the website and giving people something to do with the effect of potentially winning something for their efforts. Competitions so far have mostly been based around users submitting creative works revolving around a particular topic, or simple games.

So far, users have had the chance to win $80 worth of artist's commissions, a Zeta Creations toy, and a 4GB MP4 player. All prizes are paid for by Azhtek out of his own pocket.

Due to a lack of interest/participation, competitions have since ceased.

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