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Furry Weekend Atlanta (edit)
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Furry Weekend Atlanta staff
Furry Weekend Atlanta guests of honor

Furry Weekend Atlanta 2007 was the fourth annual Furry Weekend Atlanta furry convention, held February 16-18, 2007. It marked the first year that FWA was held at its second hotel, the Sheraton Gateway Atlanta Airport in College Park, Georgia, on the southwest corner of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The previous hotel (the Holiday Inn Airport North) had become too small for the size of the convention, and the new facility offered roughly double the space available to the rapidly growing convention. However, the Sheraton itself was sold out before the 2007 convention.[1]

The convention saw a total paid attendance of 762, a 37% increase over 2006, and marked the first time that the convention sold out all rooms made available to it by its host hotel. Its guests of honor were Strider Orion and Daria McGrain.


The staff jersey for FWA 2007, an annual tradition, was primarily purple and black, with white text. Some of the staffers also wore orange "Animal Control" vests as a joke.

Executive committee[edit]

Staff members[edit]


The conbook featured art by Daria McGrain, Strider Orion, Artamis Snowpaw, Charbile, CrssaFox, JTigerclaw, and Stephie.


  • Critical Fail performed a concert on Friday night.
  • 2, the Ranting Gryphon, in addition to serving on con staff, performed one of his rants Saturday night, and also did a panel on stand-up comedy.
  • Sub-Level 03 performed a concert on Saturday night.
  • Tiger Paw held a charity Texas hold'em poker tournament on Saturday night. The winner received God-level membership to FWA 2008. Exile Huscoon won the tournament.
  • A furry jumped down a flight of stairs late that Saturday night and was injured. This event would popularize the term Tumbles the Stairdragon.
  • Uncle Kage was in attendance and officiated the Art Auction on Sunday morning, but did not perform a Story Hour.
  • A memorial service was held in honor of Kimberfox on Sunday afternoon before the closing ceremony.
  • Security was beefed up in the Video Game room, as both an Xbox 360 and a Wii were made available for play. Congoers were forced to surrender their con badges and picture IDs in order to play, to protect against theft of equipment. WarioWare: Smooth Moves and Guitar Hero II were among the most popular games at the con.
  • There was 3 days of fursuit games, and the first hour of each evening's dances were designed for fursuiters. The headless lounge was in a separate room, and they also had a temporary lounge (a curtained off area) in the main ballroom to hold water and fans. The fursuit track was organized by Santa Fox, Tiger-Nick, and Draconis.


  1. SHERATON SOLD OUT! by Kiran Lightpaw.

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