Furry Weekend At-Home

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Furry Weekend At-Home
Location Online
Status Ongoing
First iteration May 8-9, 2020
Organizer(s) Furry Weekend Atlanta, Inc.
Charity Animal Park at the Conservators' Center
Subject Furry, online
The statistics for the first Furry Weekend At-Home convention

Furry Weekend At-Home is the online iteration of the pre-existing Furry Weekend Atlanta convention held in Georgia, USA. Its second[1] convention will be hosted on August 29, 2020.


Furry Weekend At-Home had its first convention on May 8-9[2], 2020. Their highlighted features consisted of a dance competition, DJ performances, a virtual artist alley, a virtual Dealer Den, gaming tournaments, and community-hosted panels. During the weekend, they received $13,827 in donations, with $5,000 of that sum proceeding to the Animal Park at the Conservators' Center charity.


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