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Furry Teens, also known as Teen Furs, is an online community of furry fans and artists between the ages 13-25. Created in 2003 by Kit Wolf, and hosted by Lupinia.

History and services[edit]

Initially a Yahoo! Group, the community moved to a website format in 2003. Apart from the website and forum, there is also an IRC chatroom, and there was a Furcadia dream by Flinch Ferrex, an unofficial LiveJournal community (moderated by Shipanda), and a Frappr! page.

Community's goals[edit]

Furry Teens is designed to be a place where a lot of creativity can be expressed by artists, writers, gamers, and other furry fans. Furry Teens also encourages open-mindedness and innovation, along with giving and receiving support on "growing up" topics, and helping new furs better understand the furry fandom. The group aims to provide a safe haven for young members of the fandom, primarily minors, who are often unwelcome at other furry sites because of their age, and continues to grow in members and features.

See also[edit]

  • TeenageFurs, a spin-off group created by former Furry Teens members

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