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Furry Something
Author(s) Zoë Hollister, Corey Jenkins
Update schedule Thursdays
Launch date August 1, 2013
End Date Continuing
Genre Comedy
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Furry Something is a weekly webcomic containing anthropomorphic animals. It was created by Zoë Hollister, and is written and illustrated by Corey Jenkins.[1]


Furry Something centres on Pat and Penny Panda, a pair of 30-something pandas who live and work in a zoo.[1] They have family, friends, and everyday problems.


The main characters of Furry Something are:[2]

  • Patrick "Pat" Panda, a quick-tempered and short-tempered panda who does his best with what the world gave him. His heart is usually in the right place.
  • Penny Panda, Pat’s better half. Sensible and kind, she just wants what is best for everyone.
  • Leon, Penny’s gay chameleon best friend. Though his methods can be unorthodox, he is right more often than not.
  • Lou, a lion. Lou is Pat’s best friend and usually his voice of reason.
  • Ophelia, an ostrich who is afraid of everything (with the possible exception of her own sexual deviance).
  • Al, a crocodile who is sick of people thinking he is an alligator. He is also Pat and Lou’s work friend.
  • Jack Rabbit, a rabbit who is Pat’s neighbor "and an asshole".


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