Furry Sanctuary

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For the forum that was at furrysanctuary.net, see The Furry Sanctuary.

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Furry Sanctuary

Furry Sanctuary is a forum. This Furry Sanctuary originated on EZboard as Yiff!, and was subsequently moved to it's own hosting after traffic caused the yearly "ad-free" renewal prices reached in excess of $150, most of which came from the primary administrator's pocket.

It is currently on it's 7th year at FurrySanctuary.com, and the administration staff is currently spearheaded by WhiteWolf Darkpaw, who has been the primary admin since late in the EZboard days. He spends most of his time tinkering under the hood, as it were, keeping the board functional while maintaining a minimal presence.

Also on the administration staff are Ferryt, WhiteWolf's second in command. She is the public face of the admin staff, tending to most the problems, as well as being the go-between for things the users want added to the forum.

SpankTuff, Vincent, and Drakenhartt make up the rest of the admins, tending to daily maintainance, such as deleting double posts.

Also tending to daily maintaince are the moderators, SnowWraith and Mech.

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