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The Furry Plateau is a location in Teen Second Life.

Furry plateau is teengrid's oldest furry hangout, and was originally founded by Reggie Marquez and Inuyasha Overlord. The hangout was originally a 1024 plot for the "brothers" to live in. After some time, Reggie's account was disabled due to payment issues, and Inuyasha Overlord continue to take care of the parcel until it moved to Gordon, where it became a mainstream hangout.

After a year, Inuyasha also left the parcel due to payment issues. Shortly after, Reggie returned on an alternate account, Reggie Clifton, and brought FP back to teengrid alongside Phox Sillanpaa, in the hope that it would become mainstream again, which it did. Furry Plateau quickly reached the top of the pop-list with its "housing for homeless furs" - a program started in order to help new furries adjust to the community. This housing project became big enough to put FP at the top of the popular list for another six months.

The land soon became too small to contain the community and the group continued on to create the FP Peacelands alongside Nicelus Borelly. The "four founding furs" now continue the community on the sims Citivas and Leviathan. On February 5th 2009, FP will begin its build up on the Main Grid. It will remain totally PG and no "Bits or Bobbers" will be allowed upon it. Other than that hardly any strict rules will be placed upon visitors.

The Furry Plateau has experienced many location changes, and is owned and operated by Reggie Clifton, Inuyasha Overlord, Phox Sillanpaa, and Nicelus Borrelly. Wolfy Fielding also helped fund the project for over a year, however after returning from his 'permanent' ban, it was clear that he was not trusted or even considered an owner, as he was refused to be given the title of 'Founder' and until now was even omitted from this page.

It is the oldest known furry community on the Teen Grid, running for over four years.

On February 5th 2009, Furry Plateau began its build up on the Main Grid of Second Life. It remains totally PG, and no "Bits or Bobbers" are allowed upon it. Other than that hardly any strict rules are placed upon visitors wanting to enjoy themselves.

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