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Furry Ninja High School (short for Furry! Not! Ninja High School) abbreviated FNHS is a parody of Ninja High School for mature readers that is published by Shanda Fantasy Arts. Rather than the normal mostly-human cast, all the characters are represented by their furry equivalants. For example, Jeremy Feeple is protrayed as a squirrel, Asrial is still a Salusian but definitely more skunk-like, and so on.

The plot follows the early issues of NHS with a furry twist and less conservative tones. So much is the bar lowered that the two primary female characters both overtly attempt to win Jeremy's heart by being nude in front of him, though in one case it was an accident that resulted in Jeremy being told to help the poor girl wash out the Skunk spray that Asrial had inadvertantly hit her with while using her non-anthro form. Shortly thereafter, Asrial attempts to even the score by being fully naked right in Jeremy's face.

The differences Asrial has between versions is that in the Furry version, she can change at will from anthro to s non-anthro skunk. Most of the characters are not aware of who she really is in that state and it helps her sneak around better, although the unfortunate side effect is that some characters get on her nerves and interfere directly in her affairs, such as when two teenage boys found her wandering the house in non-anthro form and picked her up by the tail wondering if she was a boy or girl... the obvious result being an odourous end for the two boys.

In addition, the character of Count Bosco from the original series is here a vampire who exists on chocolate syrup. Sammy Kondo, (in the original series a girl posing as a boy) is here a lioness who is under a witch's curse to appear as a boy until she kisses her true love, Jeremy. Major additions to the NHS canon are a rival to Professor Steamhead based on Washu from Tenchi Muyo, and a possum best friend for Jeremy named Winston.

Story arcs[edit]

The first two issue arc concerned with Asrial being sent to Quagmire as a Salusian spy to ferret out information on Ziggy Stardust. The second arc was a spoof of Thunderbirds, and the third story, "Twilight", concerned itself with Sammy breaking her curse and an invasion by the idiotic Gomerians.

In the new issue in June, Asrial displays some more alien differences, while Jeremy inherits a supersuit, in a spoof of Smallville.

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