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Furry Migration (edit)
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Furry Migration 2014 was the first iteration of the Furry Migration convention. It took place over September 12 - 14, 2014,[1] in Bloomington, at the Ramada Minneapolis Airport hotel. Final registration was was 543,[2] with 115 participants in the fursuit parade.[3]

Furry Migration was chaired by Kellic J. Tiger.[citation needed]

The guests of honor were furry author Kyell Gold, Publisher GoH Jeff Eddy (founder and president of Sofawolf Press), and Artist GoH Foxfeather.[4]


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Furry Migration's scheduled events included:[5]

  • Panels
  • A multimedia room
  • Gaming and video game rooms
  • A consuite
  • Fursuit activities/games and lounge
  • Photo area
  • A main stage/dance room
  • Fursuit parade.


The pre-registration price of Attendee Membership was $45 for adults, and $35 for youth, with sponsor membership being $115. These prices lasted until August 12, 2014. The door prices were be $55 for adults, $125 for sponsors, and $40 for youth.[6]


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