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Furry Latino

Furry Latino is a website specifically made for spanish-speaking furries. It combined the news elements of Dutchfurs.com and Fur Affinity, an art portal, forums, a chat room, a section for poetry, a video seccion (phpmotion) and an oekaki board. FurryLatino also had an separate area for adult material.

The website was 99% in Spanish, with a few English loanwords, specifically fandom ones, such as "furry," "fursona," and "yiff". Furry Latino had over 270 members, of which at least 10 were on at any given time. It also had over 70 personal galleries from Latin artists. It was run by Alek Fuchs, of Mexico, from November 2003 until March 2005, followed by Ahumeniy until April 10 of that same year, when Miguel Estrugo took over, in a planned takeover helped along by Fuchs. Following the "coup," all of Ahumeniy's information was erased from the website's database.

In February, 2008 the website opened it's doors again using a very similar interface and management that we saw in on FL 2.0


FurryLatino's roots can be found on the FurriesLatinos Yahoo! group, which was created on October 2003. That group includes a variety of Spanish- and English-speaking furries. Two months later, a more ambitious (technically speaking) project was born. FLA version 1.0, Initially, FLA - an abbreviation for Furry Latino America - (shortly called just as "Furry Latino") started on Metropoliglobal with one of its founder's accounts. Soon after, the website moved to its own domain, furrylatino.com, due to its growth in popularity.

  • In December 2004, the website changed its hosting and its domain to furrylatino.org and changed its core code from PHP-Nuke to Xoops Being this the 2.0 FL's version.
  • In December, 2005, FurryLatino lost its .org domain and moved to furrylatino.net.
  • In March, 2006, FurryLatino switched to its 3.0 version based in Joomla and Alek Fuchs transferred leadership to Ahumeniy.
  • April 10, 2006: Miguel Estrugo, named administrator by Alek Fuchs, took leadership of FurryLatino by changing Ahumeniy's password; Ahumeniy then deleted his own account.
  • April 15, 2006: Miguel Estrugo was named Furmaster ("Furry+Webmaster") by Alek Fuchs after he gave his approval to the takeover.
  • May 23, 2006: The front page of the site was replaced by Alek Fuchs with a graphic thanking everyone for their support of the site for almost three years. The graphic was accompanied by the text: "El Zorro Rojo les agradece haber sido participes de este portal hispanoparlante dedicado al Furry Art; Temporalmente permanecera cerrado mientras redefino las cosas..." (translation: "The Red Fox thanks you for your participation in this Spanish-speaking portal dedicated to furry art; it will remain temporarily closed while I redefine some things".)
  • May 28, 2006: After some drama, FurryLatino goes online again
  • July 21, 2006: The website is now offline.
  • April 16, 2007: The domains furrylatino dot org and com points again to a FLA related index; And an "Alpha Counter" is visible.
  • February 20, 2008: The Website is operative once again.
  • June 20, 2008: The Website was defaced and couldn't be recovered due the lack of a backup from the hosting provider. Staff is working for a new version so there is now a page with a "shoutbox". Currently offline.

Technical staff

  • Staff 2004: Alquicira, Alek Fuchs, Denryuu, Miguel Estrugo, Mini-Feru, Yifferman, Z00mCat
  • Staff 2005: Alek Fuchs, Ahumeniy, Denryuu,Yifferman, Z00mCat
  • Staff 2006: Alek Fuchs, Denryuu, Miguel Estrugo, Zorro Artico
  • Staff 2007: Site Closed.
  • Staff 2008: Alek Fuchs, Dawkz, Denryuu, Zetar02
  • Staff 2009: Alek Fuchs (Site Closed by Alek Fuchs)
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