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Alamo City Furry Invasion
Alamo City Furry Invasion 2017 flier

Alamo City Furry Invasion (ACFI) is an annual furry convention first held in San Antonio, Texas on October 6-8, 2017 at the El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel. The dates for ACFI 2018 were announced on Twitter[1] as October 5-7. 2018.

The goal of this convention is to engage members of the community both furry and non, in a fun atmosphere, with activities and educational events for all ages. The theme for 2017 is "The Furry Furry West".


The final attendance figure for ACFI 2017 was 737, announced at Closing Ceremonies.[2]

Organization and funding[edit]

The San Antonio Furries Convention Committee (SAFCC) was formed as a governing organization in the last quarter of 2016, but has been operating since February 2016. Officers were elected, by-laws were documented, and it became a legal entity.

The event is owned by A+ King Services & Entertainment, LLC doing business as Alamo City Furry Invasion, allowing it to negotiate contracts and apply for all licenses and certificates needed to run the event, while the convention is operated by the San Antonio Furries Conventions Committee. Start-up costs are being provided by A+ through out-of-pocket expense and multiple fundraising efforts within the furry community, as well as pre-registrants, including attendees, sponsors, and super sponsors.

The stated goal of this arrangement has been met, enabling the acquisition of a larger venue, and to pay for operational costs prior to the start of the convention in October.

Executive Staff[edit]

  • Adam King (Drummer) - Convention Chairman, and Treasurer. Has a degree and background in business administration. Can usually be found texting about the convention, or lost in accounting duties.
  • Louis Broome (Armorclad Coyote) - Vice Chair, performing operations research. Panel submissions regulation and processing. Has experience in volunteering at multiple conventions.
  • Lyle Curtin (Terrence Mirrikh) - Human Relations and acting Secretary. Years of experience in customer service, lower management, and conflict resolution duties.

Department Leads[edit]

  • Chase Squires (Tekrin) - Webmaster/IT Resource lead and Security Staff member. In charge of managing and maintaining the ACFI website. Security staff experience at Texas Furry Fiesta.
  • Kevin Lee Sanchez (KL Sanchez) - Operations lead. KL is an artist and author, and has worked with Texas Furry Fiesta since 2013, first as Video Room Director, then as Operations Director since 2014. He was hired to ACFI in 2017 to assume the operations role in the same capacity as he performs at Texas Furry Fiesta.
  • Chris Grossenbacher (Maxus) - Audio/Visual lead. Extensive knowledge of audio and visual equipment, as well as many years of experience in DJing, and hosting of social events.
  • Alex F. (Glitch) - Security lead.
  • Vicki Hoffman (SockmonkeySB) - Volunteer Coordinator. Has assisted with volunteers at Texas Furry Fiesta. Also the owner of Go-Fer's business.
  • (Scout) - Registration lead.
  • Rose H. (Chaz The Panwere) - Marketing & Advertising lead. Also in charge of Con Book design / layout.
  • Alexander Champ (Sixam) - Gaming rooms lead. Has decades of planning, research, and gaming experience. Is on Registration Staff at Texas Furry Fiesta.
  • Josef Ricketts (Whines) - Con Suite lead. Extensive experience as the hyena in charge of Texas Furry Fiesta's Con Suite for multiple years.
  • Lyle Curtin (Terrence Mirrikh) - Conflict Resolution lead, acting Fundraising Coordinator.
  • Louis Broome (Armorclad Coyote) - Scheduling lead.
  • Liza Hoefelman (Marinelle) - Lead Designer. Has staff experience in multiple departments at Texas Furry Fiesta and other non-furry conventions.
  • Esther P. (Thorgi) - Convention artist.
  • Darius (Ramses) - Event lead. In charge of panel submissions / approvals, as well as hotel liason.

General Staff by Department[edit]

Performance Group[edit]

  • KL_Sanchez - Performance Producer and lead screenwriter. KL directs and manages the ACFI Performance Group as part of the Theme & Narrative Development Department.
  • Shade Husky - Screenwriter. Shade assists KL with screenwriting.
  • Chris Byrd (Flexy) - Screenwriter. Flexy assists KL with screenwriting, in addition to his duties as convention secretary and tabletop gaming staffer.
  • Telephone - Performer. For 2017, Telephone is not only a featured Guest of Honor, but also lends a famous paw to the Performance Group!
  • Omnom - Performer. For 2017, Omnom is not only a featured Guest of Honor, but also lends a famous paw to the Performance Group!
  • Splat Fennec - Performer. For 2017, Omnom's mate lends a famous paw to the Performance Group!
  • Pop the Otter - Performer. One of the original members of the ACFI Performance Group.
  • Enro - Performer. Lends a villainous paw to the ACFI Performance Group.
  • Tricky - Performer. Lends his fursuit to the ACFI Performance Group in cosplaying Sheriff "Dusty" Don Holliday!


Although legally operating as a for-profit business, Furry Invasion has chosen a charity within the local community to support:

  • San Antonio Pets Alive! (SAPA) is a life-saving organization that solely rescues dogs and cats selected for euthanasia at the San Antonio City Shelter.[3]


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