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Furry Fight Farm (FFF) was a cyber-wrestling community based on real-world wrestling franchises and set in an alternate reality known as Las Vegas. Imagine Omaha the Cat Dancer as an ECW diva or The Lion King meets the WWE and that's pretty much what we're about. The FFF had been the longest running furry cyber-wrestling community in one form or another since 2001, and many former members of the FFF have in turn founded their own cyber-fighting communities (Blossom Club, Clawnation, Furry Wrestling Alliance, Western California Alliance Wrestling, Wild Side Wrestling Federation).


The FFF was created and moderated by Martin "Coelacanth" Evans initially as a Yahoo! group in 2001, but it eventually expanded to include real-time roleplaying on two IRC channels. There were also some secondary FFF franchises, including a second Yahoo! group, and a group on Smartgroups. The FFF was so popular that non-furries would sneak in pretending to be part of the fandom. However, due to constant internal conflicts, the plug was pulled on the FFF in 2006. The FFF was revived in 2007 by popular demand. But due to the lack of activity in 2012, the FFF closed for the last time.

Coelacanth has nothing to do with, or approves of, the Second Life Furry Fight Farm group which was founded without his knowledge or consent.

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