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Furry Fiesta 2021 was scheduled to be the thirteenth annual Furry Fiesta convention, but was changed to operate as an online furry convention. The event was held on March 25-28, 2021.[1]

The convention is not specifically themed, and will operate within several online platforms.

There was a Minecraft[2] server as a built re-creation of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Entry to the convention was free, but users must own a copy of the game to gain access to the server. In addition to the hotel, the world was set up as a plot world, where users could claim a section of land and build whatever they wanted. Over 260 unique users logged on, and over 180 plots were claimed. At its peak, there were 42 users on at once.

A Second Life sim was also created for the convention, with a beach area and a skybox that was designed to look like the Dallas skyline. During the event, over 100 unique users logged into the sim and at its peak there were 26 users on at once. The visitors to Second Life raised Ł120,500 in Linden, which was a donation of $500 towards CARE.

A VRChat instance was designed for the event.

There was also a Discord server, which hosted chats for all the other platforms, as well as its own streamed events. Over 800 users signed into the TFF Discord during the event.

A Dealers Den website was set up to advertise dealers during the convention.

Guests of Honor[edit]

The guests of honor for TFF 2021 were rolled over into TFF 2022.


The selected charity for TFF 2020 was the Texas Center for Animal Research & Education (CARE).[3] As of closing ceremonies, $6,286 was raised for CARE.


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