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Furry Fiesta staff
Furry Fiesta guests of honor

Furry Fiesta 2016 was the eighth annual Furry Fiesta convention. It was held over March 11-13, 2016,[1] at the InterContinental Dallas Hotel in Dallas, Texas.[2]

The theme was "Nights on the Bayou",[2] with the explanatory backstory:[2]

Furry Fiesta 2016
Welcome to Raton Laveur...

...famed party town of the South! Be sure to enjoy our many eateries, our vibrant musical scene, the all-night parties, and our historic bayou. Contrary to the many untrue rumors and clearly faked police reports, we assure you that the safety of our guests is our top priority. Travelers from the world over have had the time of their lives at the greatest Mardi Gras right here in Raton Laveur for the last 100 years. That said, if you must travel the bayou at night, make sure to bring company...

Furry Fiesta 2016

The guests of honor were PerroMutt, Sophie Cabra, and Laura Garabedian.[1] The convention saw 2,908 attendees.[3] $17,970.91 was raised for the convention's charity, The Center for Animal Research and Education (CARE).[3]


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