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Main Furry Fashion logo.
The current Furry Fashion logo.

Furry Fashion is probably one of the largest stores within Second Life, occupying one half "sim", for furs providing a wide range of clothing, accessories, areas and events. The management is run by Amethyst Crystal who has also employed around seventy staff members. In March 2016, the Furry Fashion community had over 6500 members[1].


"SilverAngel Creations" was the original company name when Amethyst was in a old relationship, but store name was changed to Furry Fashion when that relationship ended. Officially, the Furry Fashion commenced operations in May 2007. Since then, Furry Fashion has also split into different subdivisions, which offer varied services under the parent company.

Parent company & subdivisions[edit]

After the co-founding of Furry Fashion and its growth over the years, the company split itself into subdivisions to expedite its workflow and service organization. The current subdivisions are: Furever Enchanted and Mystifursia; alongside the parent, Furry Fashion. In terms of employment, Furry Fashion offers a wide range of jobs. All staff members receive base pay, as well as tips. Such jobs include: models, deejays, hosts and dancers.

Furry Fashion[edit]

Furry Fashion occupies one half "sim", holding the main store of Furry Fashion, commonly referred to as "FF" by staff and regulars. The store is comprised of two floors, offering an estimated 4000 items for sale, at its current design[2]. The current floor plan of the Furry Fashion store is:

  • Ground floor: The welcome area (lobby) when first entering the 'sim". It also comprises of: the "digital distractions Gallery", "Clay Creations", "Winry's Whimsey's", the "FF Lounge", and Avatars/Avatar Modifications (by several third-party vendors). Staff members and voluntary helpers are also stationed here.
  • First floor: Male and Female clothing departments.
  • Second floor: Hair, Wings, Unisex accessories and clothing, and Body art departments.

Corporate affairs[edit]

Recently, a Second Life account, by the name of FurryFashion Resident, has used the Furry Fashion branding in a scam scheme. As this person is not affiliated with Furry Fashion in any way, shape or form; any furs encountering such a person, should report such discrepancies, both to the Furry Fashion management and the Second Life administration, when possible.

Managerial committee[edit]

This is the current list of committee members[3]:

  • Owner: Amethyst Crystal
  • Head Manager: Ruu Resident
  • Manager(s): Vindictiivepet Resident, Dakotaj Resident, Silvy Sorbet, Lykaiosis Resident.
  • Creator(s): Amethyst Crystal, Sorina Ceriano, Ruu Resident, Wolf Evermore and Mikael Caeran.
  • Model(s): Sorina Ceriano (as Head Model).
  • Security: Wolf Evermore (as Head of Security).


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