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Furry Fandom Lounge

The Furry Fandom Lounge is a series of furry programming tracks at The World Science Fiction Convention (also known as Worldcon) and North American Science Fiction Convention (also known as NASFiC) held in Southern California. It was created in 1996 by Rod O'Riley, then the programming lead of the ConFurence committee, to essentially be a furry mini-con within Worldcon and continues to be organized by Rod through the Califur group.

Did you know? Rod O'Riley, the host of the Furry Fandom Lounge at Worldcon, is also the editor of In-Fur-Nation.

History of the Furry Fandom Lounge[edit]

  • At the 1996 Worldcon (aka L.A.con III) in Anaheim, California, the Furry Fandom Lounge was first held by the ConFurence committee as five-day furry programming track. The general Worldcon program schedule publicized the furry parties, panels, and exhibits which even included a glass-encased "History of Furry Fandom" display by David Bliss.[1]
  • At the 1999 NASFiC (aka Conucopia) in Anaheim, California, the Furry Fandom Lounge reflected on 15 years of fandom.

A 2003 article about Worldcon mentioned the convention being "part subculture haven for fans of furries and filking".[2]

  • At the 2006 Worldcon (aka L.A.con IV) in Anaheim, California, the Furry Fandom Lounge once again returned for four days under the organization of the Califur group. The programming track included a furry artist reception and panels ranging from fursuiting basics to the new world of furry webcomics.


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