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Diego and Timon b
F.E.A at SupaNova 09
Marked Category 2 F.E.A Patrol Vehicle

The Furry Enforcement Agency, also known as F.E.A. ("Fighting for a Better Fandom"), is a small group of furs in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, who purports to "perform the honorable role of policing the wrong-doings of fursecution and drama in and around the Australian furry fandom" and "Investigate differences inside the fandom, and to monitor local activities."

The group is also known to have been the source of furry related friction.[citation needed]


  • 2008 - F.E.A. founded by Timon b, F.E.A. commissioner, and Jacora, inspector and public relations officer, later joined by Raifox, constable, and entertainment officer.
  • June 27, 2009 - F.E.A first public appearance with three uniformed members at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Sydney. They fielded questions from the public and media in relation to the furry fandom.
  • September 2009 - F.E.A. attends FurJAM undercover, with four members attending on Friday, and three members on Saturday and Sunday.
  • June 2010 - F.E.A. attends Supanova Pop Culture Expo with 3 members, Timon b, Jacora and Raifox. They once again fielded furry related questions from the public and media (News.com.au,[1] FBi Radio,[citation needed] and con media).


Along with Timon b, Jacora F.E.A. is also composed of probationary and intel officers,[citation needed] and two non-furry operatives (Redshirt and D'e'M'o'N'i'c), representing the agency in the states of Queensland and Western Australia.

Uniform and equipment[edit]

The F.E.A. uniform consists of the following items:

  • Sky blue uniform shirt with blue epaulettes, F.E.A patches, name tag, collar insignia, and rank/paw pins[2]
  • Black tactical pants
  • Navy blue v-neck jumper
  • Nylon utility belt[3]
  • Black tactical cap
  • Animal deterrent mace (direct stop spray).
  • Motorola Mtx838 UHF, Motorola XTS3000 apco-25 compliant, or Puxing PX-888 UHF radios
  • Tactical flashlight (torch) with steel window breaker
  • (One) patrol vehicle.

F.E.A. is redesigning their current uniform, as it can be easily mistaken for that of the NSW police forces.

The F.E.A. also has specialized equipment such as surveillance and reconnaissance gear, limited crowd control equipment,[4] and an assortment of EMT supplies.


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