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Furry Detector
Author(s) Owner: Zenith
Status Offline
Launch date December 26, 2021
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Furry Detector is a website (and, formerly, a Twitter bot) created by Zenith[1] that uses machine learning to try and determine whether a particular Twitter user is a furry or not.

Originally built as a desktop Python program[when?], Furry Detector was turned into a Twitter bot on December 26, 2021.[2] It rapidly gained usage, at one point causing wait times of over 12 hours before the bot was suspended by Twitter.[3][4] In response, Furry Detector was converted to be accessible via a website (built by SparkyFen[1]), which launched on January 6, 2022.[5]

Furry Detector works by analysing the text content of a user's tweets, removing stop words and comparing the frequency of the remaining words against a database trained against known furry accounts. This produces a percentage likeliness that the user is a furry, which the website simplifies into a yes/no dichotomy.[6]


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