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The Furry Defence Force, also known as FDF (motto: "We fight, we recruit, we are the anthropomorphic army. FDF forever!"), is a group of furries originating from The Furry Forum who define themselves as a "military force" to protect furry fandom from the furry critics and/or threats. The FDF is generally considered a "fun, military styled roleplay group" and has been the focus of several different roleplays on The Furry Forum.

The FDF has roughly 70+ members[1] and continues to grow with participants, mostly within The Furry Forum.


As the FDF is mainly a fun furry group, it does not have a very strong structure, however there are a few things that add to the structure and to the roleplays in the FDF.

Star Ranking[edit]

A star ranking represents the authority level of the specific FDF members. Each FDF member is given a star ranking from one to five stars. A star ranking of one simply means you are a normal member, the more stars you have the higher up you are in terms of Authority. The only 5 star FDF member is the founder of the FDF Anoni. There are several 4 star members including MrRazot who designed the FDF logo and Aoren Deringer who designed the FDF motto. The star ranking has not been enforced as of yet, but it is put in place to ensure order is held within the community when it is needed.

Custom Ranks[edit]

Every FDF member must give a custom rank before joining the FDF. The custom rank outlines the task of that FDF member in roleplays and other mediums related to the FDF. For an example, an FDF member may have a custom rank as tank commander or sniper. The FDF Custom rank has nothing to do with authority within the FDF as the star rank does, even if their custom rank is theoretically "higher" in authority, an example is a 3 star "General" is still lower in authority than a 4 star "Private". A member can only be assigned one custom rank but he can change this rank at any time, although no FDF member has chosen to change their rank as of yet.

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