Furry Central (United Kingdom)

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Furry Central
Furry central.png
Author(s) Owner: Darkmane Arweinydd
Status Rebranded, see The Floof Hotel
Launch date January 18, 2017
End date Rebranded March 9, 2019
Genre Chatroom

Furry Central was a Discord server created by Darkmane Arweinyd for the furry community. It welcomes all kind of furries, including babyfurs or cubs. It featured many rooms and roles for species, as well as a chat to hang out.

It was rebranded as The Floof Hotel on March 9, 2019.


Furry Central was owned by Furtropolis Limited, a private company limited by shares registered in the United Kingdom. Furtropolis Limited was originally named Furry Central LTD and was originally incorporated on April 28, 2017.[1]


In 2018, one of the staff members (Donovan-DMC), went rogue. He was demoted from the server staff, but had a backdoor into the Discord server via a bot that allowed him to take control of an alt account that he had on the server, which he used to delete it in its entirety, which had to be recreated.[citation needed]


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