Furry Broadcasting Network

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Furry Broadcasting Network

USA-based Furry Fandom Radio Station Network
Host(s) TBD
Website https://furrybroadcasting.net
Launch date July 2016
Genre Various

The Furry Broadcasting Network is an online radio station project started by Luwyn Werewusky and ShadowLeRawr in July of 2016 as a way of getting a footing on the fandom in the USA. Other countries that participate in the furry fandom have established online radio stations or radio networks, and both Luwyn and Shadow felt the USA should have one again (after the closing of the FBC in 2009).

What Is FBN

Furry Broadcasting Network is an internet radio hub that proudly hosts the best music produced among the furry fandom. Originally founded as Mane Tech Studios in 2015, that mainly focused on the Brony fandom and its music. Now, committed to providing our listeners with a variety of music, Furry Broadcasting Network is excited for the new endeavors to the furry community. We look forward for all of our fans that have come along for the ride to broaden the fandom as we hope to continue to grow and expand to greater heights. Furry Broadcasting Network wants to provide the fandom with music that they love and deserve no matter the furry, whether male female and the different species out in the fandom.




The Wonderful Volunteers that help run this project. (Fandom Names)

  • ShadowLeRawr
  • Luwyn Wuskey
  • Faye The Floofy Fox
  • Sparky
  • Arre The Wirb
  • Loopy Wolf
  • Sparker
  • Max The FUr
  • Arci


A schedule has not been set as of 1/1/2017.

Who's Represented by the FBN[edit]

Paw Print Radio

  • Fox Amoore
  • All Pony Radio
  • NIIC The Singing Dog
  • Pepper Coyote
  • Kevin On Games
  • Furry Music Podcast

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