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Furry BlackLight is a French furry convention which takes place in Maurepas, near Paris. It was previously known as Fursuit BlackLight

Both English and French are spoken at the convention, which features such activities as karting, laser-games, dancing, and fursuit games.


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The first FBL was a one-day Laser Quest and Mini-Golf Fursuit event that took place on Janurary 19th at the Universal Circuit[1]. A total of 17 people took part in honor of Hai, a German fur. [2]

FBL returned to the Universal Circuit on December 19th in an event titled "Revenge", with 27 people attending.[3]


FBL 3 was extended to a two-day event (1-2 November) and was the first to take place at a hotel, the Hotel Premiere Classe.[4] The theme was "Level 3". It had a total of 34 registered attendees, including 14 fursuiters.


FBL 4 took place on October 31 - November 1[5], and had 66 registered attendees including 28 fursuiters. The theme was "Play" and added bowling and video game activities.


FBL 5 was extended to a three-day event (October 29-31), as was the first to have a dance night.[6] A total of 89 attendees had registered with 41 Fursuiters.[7] The convention was titled: "Give Me Five!".


FBL 6 (October 27-29[8]) was the first to take place at the Mercure hotel in Maurepas, as well as the first to include a Fursuit Lounge. A total of 150 attendees registered, including 64 fursuiters.


FBL 7 took place on November 1-4, 2018[9], in the Mercure Hotel in Maurepas. A total of 265 attendees registered, including 110 fursuiters.


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