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The Furry Awards is an organization dedicated to recognizing and awarding the many various aspects of the furry fandom. The group was founded on April 12th, 2011 by Rainstar the Cheetah, deriving inspiration from the Ursa Major Awards.

The Furry Awards are nominated by members of the furry communities based on categories predetermined by the Awards' Board of directors.[1] Voting takes place shortly thereafter. The votes are sent in through electronic mail, or the organization's Fur Affinity page.

The voting, once begun, would last for several weeks. At the end of the voting period, the votes would be tallied by the Board of directors, and the award winners would then be posted via the internet.

Awards update[edit]

No further updates on the groups mission/status was posted past the first quarter of 2012.


Board of directors[edit]

Advisory staff[edit]


A revised list of the main award categories was posted on Fur Affinity at the end of April 2011[2].

A smaller group of monthly awards and "Rising Star" awards would also be given on the Fur Affinity user page[1]


  • 2011 - ?
  • 2012 - ?


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