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Furry 8000 (or F8k) is a German-language furry Internet radio event, which in its prime took place about three times a year. It is created and hosted by Cheetah and Eisfuchs, with Akeela as moderator. Jaryic is the show's sound engineer.

The Furry 8000 team have also broadcast an online TV show (F8kTV), produced by BigBlueFox, which was highly praised by the fandom. [citation needed]


The transmission typically starts at 8 pm on a Saturday and runs until the small hours of the morning. It intersperses music, moderator chat, call-ins, and pre-recorded comic sketches, some of which have become minor classics among the German fandom, including:

  • Kapitän Nemo (20.000 Meilen unter dem Niveau)
  • doco's Kühlschrank
  • Die Schwarzwildklinik

The sketches are usually created by Cheetah and Eisfuchs, and make heavy use of Cheetah's sound-effects and Eisfuchs's voice talent.

The first part of the show is scheduled by the moderators, but later in the evening the programming becomes more free-form and many song requests are submitted by the listeners.

Social events[edit]

The Furry 8000 event itself is a party at Cheetah's home, with as many attendees as can fit into the space available. Several furries elsewhere in Germany typically hold "Furry 8000 parties" at their homes or in Second Life, inviting friends to party and listen to the show.

The various parties keep in touch via the FurNet IRC chat channel #furry8000 during the show.

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