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FurryUnited is a furry web application development company providing the furry community with websites tailored specifically for needs of the furry community. It was formerly known as a independent furry social network run by the same group of people. See: Furry United (social network) for more historical information.

[edit] Currently Active Websites

The following websites are websites that are currently fall under the FurryUnited umbrella and are live and in production or beta status.


[edit] FurArtist Summary

FurArtist is a furry artist commissioning service website making it easy for furry artist to open commission blocks and for other members to commission slots within those blocks.

Website URL http://furartist.com
Launch Date November 12, 2012
Status Production - Beta

[edit] BabyFur.ME Summary

BabyFur.ME is a social networking community built specifically for the babyfurs community but is open to age 14+ members of the furry fandom that identify as Adult Babies(AB) and/or Diaper Lovers(DL), collectively referred to as the ABDL community, inside and outside of the furry community. The community is also open to furs that identify as caretakers of, or are supportive of the babyfur community. BabyFur.ME registration is limited to these groups and does not allow for access to the non-furries. User submitted content is also not accessible without a member registration.

Website URL http://babyfur.me
Launch Date April 18, 2011
Status Production - Active
MyFur NewLogo.png

[edit] MyFur Network Summary

MyFur Network is a furry social networking community, more commonly referred to as MyFur. MyFur Network's main features include: Instant Messaging, Chat, Photo Albums, Forums, Groups, Blogs, Events, Members Map, Videos and Music. Additional media rich features are also currently in development.

Website URL http://myfur.net
Launch Date August 31, 2010
Status Production - Active
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